Asset Management

At Financial Services Co., we offer our clients, both Institutions and Retail, a variety of investment solutions. Such solutions contribute to the achievement of the client’s investment objectives (long and short term), based on the belief that diversity in investment is a key element in the achievement of investment goals.

Our approach is founded on a philosophy of rigorous research to identify and evaluate appropriate investment opportunities. This approach identifies and evaluates high quality investment opportunities in the markets. A specialized team devotes its effort and expertise in the local and international markets, thereby resulting in prudent management and monitoring of client investments in the volatile financial markets.

There are number of local and global multi-targeted funds providing investment solutions from time to time.  Financial Services differentiates itself by offering investment solutions which are tailor-made to meet and exceed the Client`s Investment Objectives.  We also offer DPM (Discretionary Portfolio Management) services, wherein based on Client`s Investment Objectives, portfolios are managed in such a way that it achieves both Client`s Return and Risk requirements in an optimal manner.