Corporate Finance & Advisory

FSC corporate finance & advisory team consists of professionals possessing both international and local expertise. The team is capable of helping our clients through offering the best advice.

Financial Services offers a wide variety of equity investment banking services, including advisory on:

  • Initial Public Offering - IPO
  • Right Issues
  • Debt Capital Market Services
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)
  • Private Placement

Initial Public Offering

The Muscat Stock Exchange is one of the leading markets for the initial offerings of its companies. FSC has the expertise and skills necessary to carry out all the work related to each stage of the IPO process.

Right Issues

FSC offers its services to companies listed on MSX to help increasing their capital through rights issues to existing shareholders.

DebtCapital Market Services

FSC Investment Banking Debt Advisory team has strong experience in providing Debt Capital Markets advisory. The team is capable of helping our clients through offering the following Debt Capital Markets products: Sukuks, Bonds, Asset securitization & Debt Raising.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)

FSC has solid expertise within M&A and capable of serving its clients requirements. FSC offers its M&A advisory across all the major sectors of the economy.

Private Placement

FSC has the capability and expertise to advise our clients on the Private Placement of the equity transaction (both buy-side and sell-side).


Buy Side

FSC start by identifying companies with targeted capabilities that meet the client`s demand and do this by doing a full due diligence study to reach positive values for the project. The team skillfully implements the company`s acquisition through planning and execution of an acquisition.


Our first target is to ensure a well-planned divestment process. Our skilled experts will assist you in identifying and assessing a strategic partner. The team will also help you understand potential risks and rewards related to any divestiture which will minimize value leakage.