Dear investor, you can visit Muscat Depository & securities Registration website , click the following address:

Dear Investor, before you decide to invest in Muscat Stock Exchange you should consider the following:
* You should have a complete background about Stock Exchange processes in order to understand the mechanism of Stock Exchange Performance
* Specify your investment objectives according to time periods (Long-term or short-term)
* Follow up the financial data issued by public joint-stock companies or by MSX; this will help you more to choose the company you are going to invest in.
* If you don’t understand financial data, consult who have the experience in this field.
* Specify the alternatives and the available investments opportunities

MSX business hours span between 10:00 AM till 2:00 PM, Sunday to Thursday. You will also need to consider official holidays, and Ramadan hours as may be announced officially by the Market.

For any enquiry, please call us on Customer Care Center +968-24825600.

By opening an online Investment Account, you will access live stock quotes.

Once the investment account is opened, you can transact your buy and sell orders in the MSX market in two ways: either through Easy Tadawul online trading platform (which you will subscribe to through the online investment account opening process), or through the phone by calling the brokerage center on the +968-24825610/15/16. Salalah 80/60

Yes, your enrollment to Easy Tadawul will provide you with the below multiple benefits (in addition to buying and selling MSX): 1. Monitor my investments in stocks and bonds and also the amount of available cash in my account. 2. Opening additional investment accounts for the various markets provided by Financial Services (Coming Soon).

You can benefit from this service by visiting the Financial Services website (, then entering the link to Easy Tadawul and starting the trading process.

No, there are no service fees associated with the Investment Account Opening Service.

Once you have opened your investment account and filled out the Easy Tadawul form, an SMS and e-mail containing the details to use the Easy Tadawul system will be sent to your mobile phone number and your registered e-mail address. These notifications contain your investment account details which will help you initiate your transactions and communicate with Financial Services

Yes, the client can submit an account opening request during the official working hours of the company, which are from 8 in the morning until 3 in the evening.

When you open your investment account, we will ask you to provide your bank account number at any local bank to link it to your Portfolio. This will enable you to transfer funds instantly through Easy Tadawul by calling +968-24825601.