Brokerage & Margin Finance

For more than 30 years, we have been in financial services, providing our valued clients with distinguished trading services thereby paving the way for investing and trading in both Oman and Regional / International Markets in the most efficient manner. Our services provide direct trading in stocks, bonds and sukuk through empowered brokers by answering the phone or through the easy trading application (link is available on the website of the financial services company).  Our Client-friendly trading application allows investors to see the prices of local shares and their investment accounts instantly at any time and from anywhere.

The team of brokerage staff in the financial services is keen to carry out operations quickly and with high efficiency in accordance with the special investment requirements of our clients. In Muscat and Salalah, our company is the only one in providing comfortable and private trading floor service that includes the latest means and display screens that provide the customer with market information.

In addition to the local market, financial services provide coverage of several global and regional markets, with the increasing interest in the expansion and diversification of investments in trading stocks, bonds, option contracts and index funds traded in global markets, which include the American, European and Southeast Asian markets through electronic channels and through intermediaries.

Margin Financing

Financial services allow you to finance the margin financing product to obtain financing facilities for trading in the Muscat Stock Exchange and also help you to double the purchasing power of your portfolio and seize investment opportunities.